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8 kinds of dietotherapy of winter turnip have a way

2014-01-10 11:10:09

Guide language: The turnip weighs radish again. Modern science considers to discover, the turnip contains rich vitamin not only C and a variety of microelement, still contain the good part such as mustard oil. Often eat a turnip to have function of the following health care.

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1, help aid digestion

The mustard oil that contains in the turnip and similar material interaction, can promote

Gastric bowel wriggles, stomachic, help aid digestion.

2, prevent cancer to fight cancer

The place in the turnip contains lignin to be able to increase capacity of huge bite cell; A variety of part are contained in the turnip, dissoluble carcinogenic substance inferior nitric acid amine. Generally speaking, the turnip is hotter. Prevent cancerous effect to had been jumped over.

3, precaution catchs a cold

Rich vitamin C and microelement zinc are contained in the turnip, conduce to the immune function that enhances airframe, accordingly, often eat a turnip to have the effect that prevents a cold.

4, the action that fight bacterium

The alexin that contains in the turnip has the effect that fight bacterium.

The turnip can be born feed, cold and dressed with sause, burn boil, still can machine bloat be soiled becomes pickles. A few kinds of turnips introduce below have a way:

Turnip tea

Take white trailing plants to predict 5 grams of 100 grams, tea, a few salt. Wash Bai Luobo clean section to boil first sodden, add salt to flavor slightly (do not put gourmet powder) , after pouring tea bubble 5 minutes with water again, enter turnip juice to be taken orally to use, everyday 2, time limit of not stick to. Qing Dynasty heats up the result with expectorant, appetizing regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, apply to cough phlegmy much, accept is fed not sweet etc.

Turnip hotpot soup

Turnip extraction blueness 1000 grams, hotpot 250 grams, caraway 50 grams. Go to hotpot muscle film is abluent, cut small diamonds, cut turnip flay small. Will hotpot piece is put into boiled water boiler, turnip piece is put after using low baking temperature to boil 30 minutes, add touch of refined salt, gourmet powder, cooking wine, after boiling 5 minutes, scatter on caraway end is become namely. This soup has the dietotherapy effect of disease of the dispel that solve heat.

Carrot burns bean curd to work

Take carrot 250 grams, bean curd does 50 grams, dried shrimps 10 grams. carrot abluent cut small diamonds, bean curd piece cuts small Fang Ding, after dried shrimps is rinsed, with Wen Shui bubble is appeared. Boiler insole is oily 7 carrot man is put when becoming heat, stir-fry before stewing is fried to 7 maturity when, put a salted and fermented soya paste 5 grams, cooking wine of 10 grams and a few, gourmet powder, soy turns over green, Jiang Ge fry, put bean curd doing and dried shrimps to break up fry, drench on a few balm is become namely. This dish has the effect that the beneficial that raise blood enrages.

Juice of carrot apple celery

Take carrot 1, apple 1, celery 50 grams, citric 1. carrot abluent flay, citric and apple, abluent flay, nucleus, cut piece, in putting fruit juice machine together with abluent celery, mash take juice, drinkable. This juice has the smooth liver, effect with the stomach.

Silk of turnip of cold and dressed with sause

8 kinds of dietotherapy of winter turnip have a way

Predict Bailuo 300 grams first abluent, cut flay, cut silk next. Join the condiment such as right amount refined salt, balm, gourmet powder, mix divide evenly can edible. Can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, have the effect of constipation of prevention and cure.

Bailuo predicts foliaceous tea

Take Bailuo to predict Xie Kuo to measure. Purge turnip page clean first, air basks in 3 ~ 4 days. The Bailuo after basking in 30 grams air next predicts a leaf to be put into 1000 milliliter water to boil, medium baking temperature changes to boil a few minutes after be being boiled, after filtering, can drink, if feel,bad smell can add a bit candy appropriately. Daily and drinkable can prevent

Skin ageing, prevent the formation of black splash, maintain the skin smooth white tender.

Put preserved carrot drink on the ice

Take new the white round turnip that appear on the market 1. the turnip abluent, wipe water, transversely is in in the upside 1/3 of the turnip one knife, upside is put aside, draw out with center of small hilt bottom empty, the attention takes 1 centimeter of right-and-left sides, in empty in put crystal sugar. Had built turnip upside again, periphery is used

Toothpick has been secured, put hermetically sealed can to stock refrigerator, take after 6 days, open a turnip, the rock candy inside already became concentrated juice (when the attention puts a turnip, should put, crooked water can come out) , give juice decant, add a few honey again, can drink of turnip of make it rock candy. In the winter, people often can appear hot and dry phlegmy much, lung is unwell wait for a symptom, drink juice of this kinds of a few turnips to have very good alimentary effect to lung, embellish lung relieves a cough.

The turnip is Lenten soup

Take Chinese cabbage, Bai Luobo, carrot, bean curd each are right amount. Will afore-mentioned feeding material is abluent, cut the strip of size likeness, in the scald in boiling water fish out is stand-by. Put right amount oil in boiler to burn to again 5 into heat, clear soup is entered after frying sweet pepper sauce, put Bai Luobo, carrot, bean curd into boiler together. Chinese cabbage is joined after waiting for conflagration to be boiled, boil again, flavor with salt, gourmet powder, scatter finally on caraway end is filled piece can.

Sweet clew: Although the turnip is good, but edible crosses healthy atmosphere of much meeting loss, cause have loose bowels. Body reachs lienal empty infirmly, jalf congealed person unfavorable take; Additional, the nourishing sex Chinese traditional medicine such as turnip and cultivated land, the tuber of multiflower knotweed is taken at the same time can send rash.


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