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3 kinds of nutrition make a man stronger

2012-02-07 14:05:18

The man serves as the pillar of family and society, what overdraw the most easily is healthy, and food is the body can bear the foundation of important task. Nevertheless, on the demand of nutriment, the men and women exists to be distinguished certainly however. Tomato red element, zinc and vitamin E are the nutriment that the male needs most, must assure to be absorbed everyday a few.

3 kinds of nutrition make a man stronger

Tomato red element makes prostate more healthy

This kind natural kind of carotene is main in the red food such as consist in tomato, watermelon, grapefruit, it can keep clear of the freedom in prostate base, protect prostate organization. Accordingly, the man that has tomato more was equal to him to add prostate ” protective net ” . An adult everyday edible 100~200 overcomes tomato, can satisfy the body need to tomato red element. Course of need of tomato red element heats and after grease cook, ability more easily human body is absorbed adequately, because this has ripe tomato,ability can have effect.


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