Pregnant woman drinks water to have exquisite and unfavorable drink the world of cate of _ of 3 kinds of water

Pregnant woman drinks water to have exquisite and unfavorable drink 3 kinds of water

2017-04-01 13:55:21

To pregnant woman, water can bring the child nutrition through blood, still can prevent cystic infection. So, whether does pregnant woman drink water to have exquisite?

Internal medicine of university of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science teachs Du Jinhang to express, pregnant mom early morning is hollow the fresh plain boiled water that drinks a cup of 200 milliliter, can bowel of lukewarm embellish stomach, appetitive, be helpful for time defecate, prevent haemorrhoid constipation. Had better drink in before breakfast 30 minutes.

Pregnant woman chooses water to want to have a principle. Normally the circumstance falls, pregnant woman still drinks ordinary warm boiled water or vegetable juice, fruit juice to suit more.

Pregnant woman cannot drink the following kinds of water. It is long boil or relapse the boiled water of boil. For example the boiled water in caldron furnace. Drank long after the boiled water of boil, haemoglobin combines the low iron in can bringing about blood to cannot carry the Gao Tie haemoglobin of oxygen.

2 it is the tap water that did not heat, boiled water that exceeds 24 hours in the keep in storage in thermos.

In addition, the boiled water pregnant woman of vacuum cup make tea also does not suit to drink. Because immerse tea,be in the water of vacuum cup, a variety of vitamins are destroyed in great quantities, and nutrition is reduced, tea flavor is agonized.


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