Produce the world of cate of _ of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of stepmother Mom

Produce the dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of stepmother Mom

2016-10-09 15:01:16


1. food plans, when the mother just did month of confinement after giving birth to a child, can give priority to with delicate food, resembling is soup drink kind food, yam chop, pork liver soup, piscine soup, chicken broth is the food that suits a mother to eat etc. Of course besides compensatory protein, still need to eat congee of some of red jujube tremella to complement courage and uprightness. The 2nd week in confinement when, mother can have some of invigorate the circulation of blood to digest the food of Yu, help body is far from lumbar acerbity backache. In confinement the 3rd week when, can eat the food of some of stimulative blood circulation, for example dumpling of fermented glutinous rice, or the animal is hepatic, blood is waited a moment, this can help a mother as soon as possible refection.

2. moves, in confinement in childbirth when, because long lie in bed, and took many nutrient matter, bring about maternal body gain weight very easily, perhaps make maternal waist acerbity backache, accordingly, mom need to do some of exercise appropriately, stretch one’s legs can be extended on the bed in initial stage, extend extend arm, perhaps shake shake a head, be in in later period, can get out of bed appropriately, help body as soon as possible restore health.

The dietary principle during 3. confinement, during confinement in childbirth, the principle that the mother should follow above all is ” essence of life ” , that is to say the mother should assure high protein intake, make sure eating matter contains a lot ofnutrition, is not to the body a bit action is done not have. Next the principle that the mother should abide by is ” miscellaneous ” , that is to say maternal food wants diversification, do not have some type thing only all the time, should a lot of dabble, such ability make sure the nutrition that absorb is abounded adequately, nutrition is balanced. The principle that should abide by again is ” rare ” , this drinks soup frequently to drink milk with respect to requirement mother, compensatory moisture, stimulative lactescence. The principle that final mother should abide by is ” soft ” , the food that this that is to say eats should enter the mouth to be changed namely, want easy chew at least, when be being produced because of the mother, physical strength overdraws, did not restore during confinement, likelihood function of intestines and stomach is very poor also, cannot digest, because this wants to eat some of soft food, digest easily absorb.


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