The world of food _ cate that puerpera confinement should avoid

The food that puerpera confinement should avoid

2012-02-07 13:37:20

ColdFood of cool raw or cold food, postpartum body enrages anaemia empty, should much edible is lukewarm filling food, with benefit gas blood restores. If produce junior eat raw or cold food or cold cool food, the plenitude of blood of can adverse gas, bring about taste easily to digest absorb functional obstacle, and go against the purify of the eduction of lochia and Yu blood.

Hot food, be like chili, bad news of easy injury ferry enrages caustic blood, aggravating gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak, bring about constipation easily, enter galactic hind adverse also to the baby.

Excitant food, be like strong tea, coffee, alcohol, can affect Morpheus and function of intestines and stomach, also be opposite the baby is adverse.

Acerb and convergent food, wait like Wu Mei, pumpkin, lest block sluggish blood goes, the eduction of adverse lochia.

Put cold food on the ice, wait like ice cream, ice-cream, freezing beverage, go against the refreshment of digestion, the tooth that still meets a lying-in woman brings bad influence.

Pass salty provision, overmuch saline branch brings about dropsy.

Unfavorable and drinkable malted milk, malted milk is with malt produce as raw material, contain maltose and malt phenol, and malt very effective to answering a grandma, can affect galactic exudation.


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