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  Little choice

Little choice is a kind commonnerThe male not Yodisease, it is amount of the spermatozoon when male seminal fluid is examined little at 2 ten million. Little choice is disease of occasion male barren, any essential factor that affect raw energy use all will bring about spermatozoon amount is cut down.

  The symptom of little choice disease

Spirit is depressed

In psychosis respect, the male often also can have unusual show, often can haveThe look is weary force, acerbity genu of giddy tinnitus, waist soft, sexual desire is dim wait for a symptom, appear so these circumstances need to cause take seriously.

Reproduction is unusual

Whether is spermatozoon seminal fluid needs direct consideration occasionally unusually lay seed or be in carrying a process, appeared unusual express, often feel when epididymis usually object bilge, when perineal ministry is uncomfortable also, be about vigilance can have the presence of these unusual situations.

  Seminal and unusual

Ψ of little choice disease is direct expression is body inside or it is the seminal fluid that shoots should compare normal person little, quantity of ejaculation of the disclosure when having normal sexual life so is less, refining is rare, some patients appear even frigidity when, be about disease of vigilance little choice.

  Kidney emptyExpression

Man reproduction especially the different of the respect such as kidney function often often can is opposite spermatozoon seminal fluid and sexual function those who form is unusual, have the man of little spermatozoon disease so, also often can appear possibly the situation with kidney unusual function, behave thereby for oftenLumbar genu aching and limp, appear even giddy tinnitus, body delicate in health

 The level of little choice disease

Class A

State spermatozoon is fast linear and forward motion, move point-blank.

  B class

State spermatozoon is slow orDullMove ahead, slow motion.

  C class

State spermatozoon is not forward movement, place moves.

  D class

Express spermatozoon cannot activity, do not move.

Of little choice disease you want to become father is to have certain difficulty, the body to you also can leave certain effect, once you are in,accordingly little choice disease needs to be treated early, lest leave more harm.


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