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Time always passes easily, because this is very sickish,the illness of person body is in very easily ignore or treatment is delayed in kink. MostVenereal acuteness wet wartBecause do not know how to judge the issue of state of illness of the body correctly,the patient is, just fail as early as possible discovery and remedial body disease. So, how was judgement gottenAcuteness wet wart?

  1, judgement of circumstance of combinative sexual behavior. As acutenessWet wartmain transmission way, had had the friend of behavior of feculent sexual intercourse, it is very possible catch venereal. The suspicion in the heart perhaps discovers the body has the friend of unusual appearance, can notice to combine oneself at ordinary times sexual life state will undertake the abecedarian is judged.

  2, will judge according to body disease. Treat the disease phenomenon condition of body genital place namely moreover, if got acuteness wet wart, the body can appear very quickly slight or apparent disease show. Chairman of officer of patient external genital organs gives incarnadine little grain or papula, weak perhaps pink, perfunctory, but careful observation can see.

  3, go to a hospital accepting professional inspection. Become aware oneself catch very likely is venereal, feel the body seems to sick feeling did not discover the friend of apparent disease phenomenon again however, can go to a hospital accepting an inspection. There is advanced medical treatment in normal hospital equipment and a variety of venereal examination methods, whether does the clear body with can help a patient better suffer from acuteness wet wart.

The judges methodological respect knowledge introduction that above paragraphs content is wet to venereal acuteness verrucous illness, if be put in sexual life at the same time,have the case of unusual disease with genital place filthily, it is the show that catchs venereal acuteness wet wart likely very, so this moment patient cannot hesitate again and delay the examination of the illness or treatment.


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