Thick? Long? Hard? After all which is the most important? – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

The name is ” 13.11 centimeters calculate the length since normal hero ” research, make a lot of males loose at a heat, but small make up feel to be returned besides insufficient, to let recrudesce of everybody male wind, here still has a few to be able to allow the information with your full self-confidence, see cough up together.

   1. needs only thick, do not need to grow

In the meeting of psychological PsychologicalScience association that California held 2014, the report expressed the following conclusion: The deadly injury of bub is not quite thick and rather than grows not quite. Compared with length, circumferential spend the satisfaction that can affect a girl more. But the feeling that neither can affect the spouse in long-term relationship. The researcher thinks, because force of ” of “ floret garden feels nerve end is met only a bit,this is the dilate of be caused by of measureestimate degree of finish, sum the meeting when gruffer guy is fighting more approach ” of “ floret garden, make a female easier satisfy.

   2. proportion is very significant

Had had 100 million clicked famous Youtube ASAPScience of scientific movie channel ever had done investigate, discover girls like accord with proportional bub, the whole impressions that cooperates the body, still have self-confident heart and the nature that make a person be like Mu Chunfeng, this should compare a huge and clinking Ding Ding more absorbing.

   3. is the man is metAngstDimension

Do you think only brief male handsome appearance can have disease of fourth fourth angst? Medical periodical JournalofSexualMedicine published a report 2013, the person with normal before larger even size, same meeting feels dissatisfactory. 30% men are dissatisfactory oneself dimension, the case that homosexual, double sex is loved in the center and the old person sends green coke Lv is most. This is probably produce needless comparison because of the little little brother that Gay can care about others quite, the old person behaves ability not equal to one’s ambition on can anxious bed.

  4. Germany is world-famous Ding Ding increases a center

The data 2014 shows, the whole world is close two become accretion the operation undertakes in Germany! Every 100 thousand person has 8 people to be able to look for a doctor to do in the center increase an operation. After close therewith is Venezuela, Spain and Mexico. So these countries are on global dimension pop chart be among the best of candidates also has a reason. . . . .

   5. motion also can promote growth


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