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With cummer the classmate that is an university, we do not have aberrance two years together, after graduation I two lived together. Female coexist of Gu male few one room, do bavin blaze unavoidable, we beganSexual lifeIn the sexual life later we still had used things of a lot of appeal, what cummer feels best is east east the TOR that is LELO holds Er in the palm 2. Not only the climax that can lengthen me, OK still more clitorises that stimulate her, we often can achieve HIGH to nod together.

Just began me to ask she understands this kind of issue? She says to know a few. Do I say you want to carry out banteringly? She says not to think. Is I say perhaps you do not think now only? She says to perhaps can think later, but do not think now. Do I ask to there has been this kind of thing before her? She shakes earnestly shake one’s head.

In my heart long a stone that accumulate fell the ground, still had even trifling comfort. Because she is returned,be maiden.

I am not the schoolboy with a conservative thought, but in involve cummer whether are some still met to mind on maiden still issue. The person has hoggish idea, this is natural, I am same also. The schoolboy is right maiden take delight in talking about, what holding a point of view is maiden = chasteness, saying with its is to want chasteness, still be inferior to saying is the dignity that wants a man.

In the society of frequent changes, we may be in a week, the thing that past lover talked about love 3 years two to just be done, be like shake handshandle, kiss, sex, finished at a draught. Divide this beyond, QualityReconcile what restrain with sexual relationship morality flabbily except, go up objectively also encouraged the abandon that we get on in gender and marital problem and ego tieFeeble.

Pardonable someone says, 80 hind do not know real love, do not value the sort of not reversible loyalty, what they like is a gender only.

When the dormitory chats in the evening, the roommate can take his sexual experience to say a thing. Dormitory 6 people, only two people had not been done. A roommate and different girl have sex, and some show off the ground to allege this number is in ceaseless refresh.

To this kind of his behavior, I am to feel disgusted very really, at least he lets me to the idea of love and sex some are detested, be fed up with those and him to had had the woman student of sexual relationship then.

Of course, I am not the desire that says that I must depress my. The gender is a kind of natural condition, depress or indulge it, it is a kind of misfortune to life.

Our love is not result from the body, but our association also is not the requirement that does not have sexual respect. Love is sexual love adds love, love is the soul, sexual love is a foundation. We can have a lot of say decline loftily, but the gender is a kind of our natural need really.

We should be not gone after painstakingly to sexual behavior, but also do not mind when feeling is mature happen. In the meantime, also cannot open what do not have a gender to manacle because of the society, such meetings cause a variety of harm of society or individual. Sexual love is engraved when some is the indispensable need in the life, but the need that is not eternity. Lasting thing is affection, the love that does not have affection is mutual trade of the gender only, it won’t be secured impossibly also go up in an object body.

University period also is the important level that one individual psychology matures from babyish trend, because this is when problem of sortie sexual love must sober, must judge oneself to have ability to had handled this issue above all.

Still be that word, sexual love is need, but should devoted to more love.


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