Man spermary all sorts of pathological changes – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

One, the red —— epididymis of backside of “ diamond ” is phlogistic

Reason: Of spermary all round tailing edge is epididymis namely, after spermatozoon is produced, temporary keep in storage is here.

Epididymis is phlogistic, 30 years old of right-and-left people see more, it is mostly as a result of the uric road that does not heal tardy byBacterial infection, cause bacteria classics seminiferous duct to be in charge of antrum to enter epididymis. The urethritis after it often follows, Prostatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic etc happen. Place but odd side but bilateral, fit time but urgent but delay.

Symptom: WholeScrotal and redHeat is painful, feeling is sensitive, the bright when pee is painful. The ache when scrotum is dormant, but the symptom when lying on one’s back is reduced.

Cure: Open some of antibiotic to give you, alleviate acute is aching. Next cold compress spermary, at the same time its block up, can use the sock that coils medical perhaps gauze is put below. If oneself won’t be put, what can wear a fixed briefs —— to still can reduce energy demand position is unwell dropBilge feeling. Precaution: Many the odds that although the man wants to compare a woman,affects in uric road is low, but once happen, sequential meeting is very serious. If there already was the word of glowing feeling when pee, must immediately go to a doctor.

2, the bacterium erodes orchitis of “ diamond ”——

Reason: Much because ofEpididymis is phlogisticSpread to spermary be caused by directly, cause by the bacterium. And normally mumps virus causes children acute orchitis.

Symptom: With epididymis phlogistic similar, red heat of Dan Gao bolus is not so apparent and intense. You can see odd side apparently or bilateral spermary is intumescent, pressing ache, scrotal skin is apparently red also, feel hot at the same time hot.

Cure: Because serious orchitis can lose fecundity, so the doctor still can use antibiotic; besides anodyne additional even cold compress spermary. If acute period cure is undeserved, bacterial sex orchitis can form abscess, or evolve into chronic orchitis.

Precaution: Can make mumps of children have an inoculation vaccinal.

3, a few insect get “ into scrotal ”—— varicocele

Reason: Varicocele incidence of a disease occupies 30 ~ 40 years old 10% of male strength. It 90% meetings happen in left, because essence of life alls alone,be deposit of vein blood stream, cause vein clump blood-vessel thereby outspread, circuitous and lengthen. Because kidney tumour is caused,the varicocele also is met. The consideration that the varicocele deserves to take seriously is it companion has the possibility spermary atrophy and spermatozoon create an obstacle, bring about not Yo.


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