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Introduction: &Nbsp;
The man always worries about him whether have ideal sexual life with the wife, the expert teachs you to master 10 action designedly, make you relaxed answer sexual life.

Everybody worries about him whether those who have perfect harmonySexual life. Want to keep perfect actuallyQualityIt is so difficult that the life is done not have, want to have health care according to the following method only, with respect to the very can easy sexual life that lets you keep perfect.

Physical training is best to sexual function complement

The woman relies on to maintain, the man relies on to take exercise. Motion besides have healthy physique, exuberant energy, still can add systemic oxygen content, increased the exudation of spermary ketone, it is best complement to male reproduction system, this kind of immanent able-bodied action surpasses any sanitarian medicine far, taking exercise is best help. Answer at least 2 times every week violent campaign, if play a ball game, fitness of sex of ran, force, spirit and heart of body whole body brought after kubla khah dripping wet loosen, the quality of sexual life can increase greatly. Undermentioned method is used on this foundation the meeting is more effective.

Pure cotton briefs lets genital maintain low temperature

Polyester fiber has provisionality to control the function that spermatozoon creates. The electrostatic field action of polyester briefs causes level of the progestational hormone inside gravid woman body easily to reduce, the result causes miscarriage. Polyester still can produce electrostatic field inside phallic organization, the expression that the person sexual function that why this or license wear polyester briefs for a long time with the explanation drops. Because this wears pure cotton briefs only,be well-advised.